To my knowledge, the most rare and expensive wine in the world is the limited release (12 only) 2004 Penfold’s Kalimna Block 42 Ampoule at USD 168,000 each. (This works out more way more expensive by volume than the 1992 Screaming Eagle 6L ‘Imperial’ which holds the title for most expensive single bottle ever sold at over $500K)

Not only does the Penfold’s famous Block 42 Cabernet Sauvignon come in a hand crafted, hermetically sealed glass ampoule designed to preserve the wine under perfect conditions, it also come with the promise that when/if you decide it’s time to open it, the Penfold’s Head Winemaker, Peter Gago, will fly out to you anywhere in the world and do the honours with a purpose designed scribe.

I hope that answers your question. Happy Tasting!!
– Andrew.