The Vinometer

The Vinometer

More on this soon but for the time being, let me introduce The Vinometer…


Why you SHOULD quaff goon!

Ever noticed how Bag-in-a-Box is about the only wine product that has a “Best Before” date on it? Surely this is a clue that all is not what it seems… Yes, it’s true that the good old bladder is a really effective way of tapping your own personal supply of wine without letting any nasty […]


Which are the most rare and expensive wines in the world?

To my knowledge, the most rare and expensive wine in the world is the limited release (12 only) 2004 Penfold’s Kalimna Block 42 Ampoule at USD 168,000 each. (This works out more way more expensive by volume than the 1992 Screaming Eagle 6L ‘Imperial’ which holds the title for most expensive single bottle ever sold […]